The Blindfolded Lady

21 April 2024
1 min read
of only the blindfolded lady of justice removed her blindfold

A blindfolded lady was walking down a dark alleyway, 

On her way to meet someone important.

Suddenly, the agonized screams of a woman reached her sharp ears. 

“Help! Help!”

The lady turned her head towards the sound.

She heard the incessant bark of a dog in the same direction.

“Aah! The poor woman bitten by a dog, it seems! She’ll manage! I need to be elsewhere!”

If only she had removed the blindfold!

She would’ve seen the dog trying to ward off 

Four ravaging men working silently and viciously 

On the now almost-dead woman. 

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

This poem was first published in #sharingstories for the prompt “blindfolded lady.”

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